EFFORTLESS 90-day Weight-Loss Challenge

weightloss challengeAs we start the new year with resolutions galore…… The #1 resolution is weight loss. I’ve seen effortless results with products from Limitless Worldwide. From nearly 100 lbs lost to getting the last 10 lbs off, friends are cheering about how they look and feel. If your New Years Resolution is to lose weight in 2015, make this year be the last year to worry about that. Weight loss challenge starts Monday Jan 5th. Be a winner!! www.terrykempfert.com

Challenge Details:

Let’s do this together!
Starts Monday, January 5th
You do not have to be local to me to participate.

You choose…

  • 30, 60, or 90-day challenge
  • Your goals for weight, lost inches,…
  • Your mean/method to reach your goals

I’ll provide…

  • Guidance to get you started, ongoing support and encouragement
  • Your very on private, personal website to:
    • Record your goals and track your progress
    • Suggest customized diet plans just for you
    • Calculate your ideal weight, target heart rate, hip-to-waist ratio, body-fat percentage (body mass index) and even translate any exercise into the number of calories burned with just the click of a mouse
    • Access a guilt-free meal locator (locate meals at restaurants and fast food joints that fit every imaginable eating or diet program)
    • …and more
  • Product samples for weight-loss, weight management, fitness support
  • Optional meet-ups to share successes and successful ideas
  • Rewards and prizes for hitting your goals

Nominal fee to create prize pool.

Contact me to join the fun and start the year off feeling good!

Terry – 320.583.9100 / terry.kempfert@gmail.com


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