Food Addictions are real.

I have followed Abel James for several years now. He is the creator of The Wild Diet – sells an amazing weight-loss book, plan, cookbooks, and even does a podcast and blog to share this information.

If people like popping things into categories, I guess you would say this is Paleo. But with a much more interesting flavor!! Abel believes in eating top-notch ingredients and using fabulous recipes that taste amazing and satisfy!  Take a look at this blog to read more about The Wild Diet.

He’s successful enough (and his plan works) that you can find recipes, meal plans, tips, tricks, and plans anywhere on the interwebs. Pinterest has pics of his delicious recipes – and it’s all free!  I snag his stuff wherever I can, although I have invested in his book and his Fat Burning Tribe group – it’s worth it!

So today – let’s talk about Food Addictions. I think I must be a very addictive-type personality. I often eat the same lunch for months at a time – when it’s something I really love, then I will switch it up, and eat THAT for 3 months.  I don’t know why – I just find I like things and want them daily. Until I want something else.

It’s all good unless it’s Junk Food – carbs, sweets, unhealthy stuff that does my body no good.  Here are Abel’s tips for stopping those addictions and food cravings!  Good to know this time of year –

Here’s his latest post on the topic!


So you may know that I studied brain sciences during my college days (…yep, I’m a nerd). I’m always trying to “hack” my brain and body to improve performance, burn fat, and reduce cravings.

But did you know that some “bad” foods can be more addictive than cocaine?

In fact, recent research suggests that food addictions engage similar brain pathways as drugs and alcohol.

I doubt Cheetos are more addictive than crack. But clearly, unhealthy foods have a real and sinister effect on the way our brains work.

In a viscous cycle, junk food addicts may actually be eating too much junk as a self-medication to balance levels of the chemicals that are disrupted by… eating too much junk food. Thanks Monsanto!

Most traditional diets fail because they are based on calorie-restriction and don’t address the mechanism of addiction that leads people to overeat in the first place.

Fortunately, there are alternative systems available for a healthy lifestyle that can be realistically maintained long-term. Here are some tips to get you on the right track…

How to Hack Your Brain to Free Yourself from Junk Food Addiction

  • Naturally boost dopamine levels. Being active and social increases levels of dopamine, as do new and pleasurable experiences such as hitting the local watering hole, whipping up a new recipe, or jamming to music.

  • Naturally boost serotonin levels. Altruistic activities such as helping others, giving compliments, and playing with pets up your serotonin considerably.

  • Baby steps. If you can’t go cold turkey, swap one junk food for a healthy food at a time. It’s really not that difficult – just stop buying Oreos and buy an apple instead. You crave what is around you.

  • Expose yourself to healthy foods. (And by “expose yourself,” I’m talking about eating foods, not flashing them.) Pro tip – it takes at least 10 exposures to a healthy food before you begin to crave it in the same way that you craved junk foods. That’s why I crave kale while many crave Krispy Kreme.

  • Eliminate mindless eating. Don’t eat in front of the TV, reading, driving, or anything else. Not only will you overeat because your brain is distracted, you will also begin to associate activities with foods (such as soda with driving, candy with talking on the phone, or popcorn with TV) which increases cravings.

  • Indulge occasionally – guilt-free. We all want to be perfect, but we’re all human. As long as you are making good choices the vast majority of the time, give yourself permission to indulge in foods you truly love on occasion.

Hey, it’s cheat day. I think I’ll go upregulate my dopamine and serotonin with some cheesecake…


P.S. – If you like “brainy” stuff like this, you’ll definitely like The Wild Diet 30 Day Fat Loss System. You’ll learn exactly how to burn fat, build muscle, and have fun in the process.”


Thanks, Abel.


Cleaning Day!

When I was growing up, Saturday was cleaning day. We were rousted out of bed by my mom hollering up the stairs – “it’s Saturday, we have work to do.” She was relentless. We finally dragged ourselves downstairs, poured our Cheerios and milk in a bowl, and sat in front of the TV watching cartoons until it was “Cleaning Time”.

We each had our jobs. Mine was dusting. I had to move every single thing in the living room and dust all surfaces. I don’t remember what else I had to do, but I know I hated dusting. Mom made sure that every corner of that house was clean. Kitchen, bathroom (we only had one), bedrooms, all carpets vacuumed, everything wiped down, and all floors scrubbed on hands and knees.

In the meantime, she would have bread rising. By late afternoon the house was sparkling, and there were loaves of freshly baked bread, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, maple frosted rolls, and so many delicious things our house smelled heavenly!

My memories are bittersweet. Once I had my own family, I still cleaned on Saturdays. Now it doesn’t matter what day of the week – my schedule is not as clear-cut as my mom’s – and I have a service that comes in every two weeks to hit the floors, bathrooms, and vacuuming.

Even though our houses may be clean, today’s environment is full of nasty germs that get tracked in from everywhere! Kids coming home from school, dropping their germy backpacks, shoes, coats, and sports equipment. Perhaps you visited a friend in a hospital or nursing home – dangerous cooties live there – and love to hop a ride home on the bottom of our purses, our reusable water bottle, our shoes. How about pets? We love our furry little critters, but there are litter boxes, doggie footprints and organisms spread on our carpets, furniture, yes, and even table tops when my cat hops up there to get a better view!  Sometimes it’s best to not even think of it – but there is a way to DEFEND your home from unwanted germs and bacteria!

Introducing DEFEND-GS – exclusive to Limitless Worldwide. I have not been more excited about a product for a long time. It is non-toxic and chemical free. Defend-GS™ is devoid of chemicals yet capable of killing MRSA with a 99% efficiency. It does not smell, mark, or damage the surface, nor does it cause any discoloration. Surfaces and fabrics can be used immediately after treatment, AND, it is harmless to the environment and has no negative effects downstream.

Just think of the possibilities!

It’s a simple 2-step application – your entire home can be “defended” in 20 – 30 minutes. Ingredients: Distilled water, pure gold, pure silver – spray one on top of the other to form a permanent bond that mechanically kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria – effective for months!

Defend-GS™ bonds and fights bacteria at the atomic level yet is safe and harmless to the individuals who benefit from its use. It is non-toxic, chemical free, harmless to the environment and has no negative effects downstream.

Defend-GS™ is unique and the first product of its kind. It delivers maximum germ control effectiveness through a patented, proprietary manufacturing process not available anywhere else.

My First Miracle Morning!

keep-calm-theres-always-tomorrow-7Well, today I started a practice that I joined with a friend. She asked me to be her accountability partner – and I accepted. I got the book (The Miracle Morning), read most of it over the weekend and last night chatted with her and decided to get up an hour earlier this morning and get started!

I didn’t exactly jump out of bed when my alarm went off, but I did get up, brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face, and headed out to the porch to get started. It was chilly, so I put on my hooded sweatshirt, warm socks, and grabbed the fleece blanket I keep there for mornings like these – and settled in to start reading and following the plan.

That’s worked for a bit, but all tucked in like that, I started to get incredibly sleepy. I was determined to follow the protocol, but found myself – almost exactly an hour later – waking up from my nap! Oh well, I did the relaxation part well – and there’s always tomorrow!

Try this.

michael-pollanI guess we’ve all done it. A new diet, exercise, pill, program – whatever. The grass is always greener. I’ve tried so many different eating plans (like everyone else) I can’t even remember them all.

I’m a parent of 3 (yes, three) Type I diabetics. I know nutrition. I know carbs. I know how to control blood sugars with diet. I know the glycemic index of many foods. I know what happens when you eliminate a food group. And yet, when I hear about the “latest and greatest” I just look at all the benefits and think it just might be for me.

Not. I can do it for about 3 days, sometimes a week, sometimes more. And they all work. But the test comes when you see how unsatisfied you are over time.

Good, healthy, fresh food is where’s it at. In moderation. One of my favorite quotes is by Michael Pollan in 7 Rules For Eating, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Words to live by.

So, for everyone else that has experimented with every diet plan in the book, I give you this essay on The Everywhereist Blog by Geraldine Deruiter. Enjoy!

I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything

Nic’s “Normal” – a story of a regular guy…

Nic’s “Normal”

Nic has health care through his employer thankfully; however, like many Minnesotans, every year he has to reevaluate to see what plan will help him most. He has frequent doctor visits – once a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) patient, always a BMT patient.  He knows how critical having the best possible plan is for his budget.

This year his HSA changed, and although he is able to use this fund, his deductible is higher which was an unexpected additional burden. He recently had to go back on his immunosuppressant drugs – he has Graft versus Host disease and was experiencing a flare-up. $650 out of pocket just to get back on these meds. GVH flares are common after a Stem Cell Transplant, and he experiences things such as respiratory problems (he only has one lung and it is compromised) and issues with his eyesight, dry eyes and light sensitivity, among other things. Once back on these steroids, he struggles with weight gain, which in turn affects his diabetes.  The cycle of complications is ever compounding.

Nic is an amazing friend and volunteer. He serves on several steering committees at General Mills where he works, and donates his time during tax season do free Tax Preparation for low-income people.  Despite his own needs, he focuses on what he can do for others in need and seeks opportunities to pay it forward.  Too humble to ask for assistance, we as friends decided to ask on his behalf for assistance in purchasing a new bed that will better accommodate his health needs .

In the scheme of things, we are still so very grateful he is 7 years cancer-free! He is able to live a good life, go to work every day, and enjoy his family and friends. Finances are always an issue, but he deals well with it well and does what he can to make the very most of each day.  Join us in helping him have a restful, restorative night’s sleep, so he can achieve optimum health despite his circumstances.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Daily Spark Art –

Good Morning! I have created a daily discipline to fuel my creative needs – Daily Spark Art! I HAVE to create – and what better way to share these creations than by donating 20% of the proceeds from each piece daily to Starfish Tribe! We are currently working on this project –

Helping a young man with medical needs get a new bed! So – here is my featured canvas for today! Just follow the link to purchase – you get a great piece of art for only $75 to keep or gift (great for graduations), and Nic gets a bed – win, win!!…/522206577/congratulations-quote-dr-s…

 With love,

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