The Four Agreements

by Melyn Campbell

I re-read a book every few years that was released back in 1997. For fun, this time around, I thought I would check Amazon to see what it has been rated. Over time, it has acquired over 48,000 5-star reviews! 

The book is about an ancient society of artists and scientists who studied principles of living to your full potential. Interestingly, those concepts still apply today, and in particular, they can really help one realize their full potential at Limitless.

Let’s look at these principles through Limitless eyes. First, let’s look at the freedom little kids have to live at their fullest. Think about it. Other than those times when they are truly afraid, or they at hungry or tired, kids are uninhibited to share their happiness, curiosity, laughter and love. It is only through society offering rules to live by, and family beliefs to adopt that we become more inhibited and adopt our “code” of living. That becomes the birth of fears and limiting beliefs that shape our decisions and our success.

Enter in the Four Agreements. Simple concepts that if adopted can open up a magical life filled with Limitless Potential:

1.     Be Impeccable with your Word

2.     Don’t take anything personally

3.     Don’t make assumptions

4.     Always do your best

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