Limitless Optimism

Why Optimistic Women Live Longer and Healthier - from "The Voice" by Acecia J.

Your attitude makes a huge difference in nearly every aspect of your life, from your personal relationships to your success on the job.

Being more optimistic is also linked to having a stronger immune system. However, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of pessimism, especially if you’re struggling with paying the bills or have relationship conflicts in your life. Here are some tips for how you can turn it around and cultivate a habit of optimism.

Count Your Blessings

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but the power of gratitude can’t be overstated. According to Harvard University’s health newsletter, developing a habit of gratitude can improve your overall happiness and make it easier to stay in an optimistic frame of mind.

Try beginning your day with a mental list of the things for which you are most grateful, or write a gratitude list in your journal before bed. Your list of blessings can be anything from enjoying the cute antics of a puppy to having a job that you like. Nothing is too small to count among the good things in your life.

Fake It – But Only to an Extent

You have probably heard the advice “fake it ‘til you make it,” and this is also true when it comes to cultivating an optimistic outlook. You have a great deal of power over your mental attitude and disposition, even during times when your circumstances are different than you wish they were. Simply setting your mind with a determination to look for and find the bright side can influence your reality so that your outlook actually becomes positive.

At the same time, it’s also important to remember that you can’t completely force yourself to feel happy. Attempting to make yourself feel something when you don’t can sometimes make you feel worse, because your mind and body know when you’re not being genuine. This can feel like putting even more pressure on yourself. Instead, simply reminding yourself often of the things that are good in your life can put your focus in the right place, and positive feelings often evolve naturally from there.

Create Some Natural Positive Vibes

Does it seem like experts are always telling you that exercise is the magic cure for everything?

Well, in the case of improving your outlook, exercise is proven to work. Whether you choose the calm peace found in a yoga class or the feel-good endorphins of a half-hour on the elliptical machine, moving your body will help you feel better, inside and out. Studies have shown that regular exercise enhances motivation and mood and is associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety. If you could take a pill that would actually make you feel more optimistic, wouldn’t you do it? A half hour of exercise a few times a week has the same benefits, without any negative side effects.

Make Necessary Changes

While it’s well and good to stress the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, the truth is that some circumstances make it hard to see the brighter side of life. If your job makes you miserable, work on getting a different one. Seeing a counselor can help if you have difficult personal relationships. If you’re unhappy enough with your life that it’s hard for you to see the good in it, you owe it to yourself and to your good health to work on making changes for the better. Even the effort of working toward making changes can bring positive changes to your outlook… even before you’ve achieved them, simply because you know that you’re making progress. – boost your mood!

Are you a night-time snacker?

Curb appetite, reduce stress and anxiety, and sleep through the night!

We’ve all experienced it… You have a healthy green smoothie or some cottage cheese for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a sensible, low calorie dinner. You’re doing great. But then evening rolls around… and those nighttime cravings kick in. Before you know it you’ve inhaled hundreds of extra calories and completely sabotaged your diet.

The problem? Nighttime binge eating. It plagues millions of people throughout the world… but not for long. I have the answer for you. A unique formula that was specifically designed to break the nighttime binge-eating cycle and help you finally achieve diet success.

This product helps you fight back against those nighttime cravings by reducing stress and suppressing appetite… without harsh stimulants, dangerous chemicals or habit-forming sleep aids. And unlike ordinary diet pills, it won’t wear off right about the same time that the nighttime binge-eating cycle is kicking in. It’s perfect for anyone whose diet keeps failing because of out-of-control nighttime binging.

I used to be horrible at nighttime eating – I would make a nice dinner, but several hours later would treat myself to a glass of wine, and of course a few crackers and some cheese along with it. One glass led to another, and a little sweet after the savory sounded good to me, and before you knew it, I had consumed the equivalent of a full meal – in snack/wine style. Of course I found it hard to control my weight!

A good friend introduced me to some plant-based supplements that were backed by science and very effective. I got great results from all of them – and especially this nighttime binge-eating deterrent. I simply took two purple capsules about an hour after dinner, and that was it. No desire to eat, and if I did enjoy a glass of wine, it didn’t morph into a full-meal deal! And the sleep benefits are amazing!!

If you have difficultly falling or staying asleep, assistance in obtaining effective sleep is a key aspect of this formula, since many people find themselves binge eating during nighttime wakefulness. It was developed with a specialized compound that, when consumed at either 6:00, 8:00, 9:00 p.m. or 2-4 hours before one’s habitual bedtime (whenever your nighttime binge eating cycle occurs), has been shown to significantly decrease sleep onset latency (therefore helping users get to sleep faster), significantly decrease latency to stage 2 sleep (therefore helping users fall into deep sleep faster), and to ultimately result in no “hangover” effects.

Bottom line, it solves a myriad of problems that are triggered by these nighttime habits. I’ve included the entire fact sheet about this supplement so you can read the science behind the formulation. I take this every night like clockwork – and sleep like a very satisfied baby!

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Balance Your Mental State

From The Limitless Voice – February 10, 2022

~ Acecia Jones, Limitless

Some days are just… tough. Whether it’s physically or emotionally draining, how can we take better care of ourselves?

Health isn’t just about what we eat. It’s about what we are thinking and feeling, too.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health issues are one of the leading causes of ill-health today. One in four people are affected by mental or neurological disorders in their lifetime. While you may not have a so-called mental disorder, we all struggle with our “off days”. 

Balancing our mental state is important to our overall health and well-being. More and more people have started taking care of their mental state and are listening to what their bodies need. Many employers are becoming more understanding about allowing “mental health” days to recuperate. This is important because, in the last 20 years, research has shown that we have more control over our mental wellbeing than we realize.

While eating nutritious foods and exercise can prevent physical injury and illness, we can build our mental health too. When you start to develop a strong mental health, you become:

  • Less susceptible to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression
  • A more effective communicator, stronger leader, and team member
  • More likely to reach a personal, career, and/or physical health goal

Here are some tips to help improve Mental Wellbeing:

Write down your gratitudes

Do you ever feel like you’re rushing through life? Or you’re just waiting for the next “big thing” to happen? Well, this actually reduces our capacity to see the positives in life and begin to see the negative. Start a healthy habit by taking 5 minutes before you go to bed each night and write down 3 things you are grateful for from your day – and it doesn’t have to be anything big! It can be as small as being grateful for someone holding the door open for you, a phone call from a friend, or even just living!

Connect with others

Recent studies have shown that when you isolate yourself from others, it can hurt our wellbeing. A lack of social connection can disrupt sleep and increase stress. But, this doesn’t mean going on Facebook or Instagram and “liking” a whole bunch of posts… we’re talking about real interaction. Reach out to that “friend” on the phone or via video chat, have a real conversation rather than just liking a post. Whatever the case may be.. saying having a real conversation just warms the heart.


Did you know that incorporating stretching into your regular routine can help reduce stress? Well, now you know! Stretching 3-4 times a day can prevent energy slumps, support healthier digestion, and improve sleep patterns. 

Fuel Your Health

Fueling your health is fueling your mind. We’re not just talking about our Fuel FYL Pak (though it is a wonderful start). When you can incorporate a diet that includes complex carbohydrates (whole grains and vegetables), essential fats (nuts and seeds), and amino acids (eggs, turkey, bananas) you are optimizing your mental wellbeing. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health…

so remember to take care of both!

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