It is that time of year again –

Could it be the last time? The last time to start a new year with a goal of losing weight?

The official Limitless Worldwide 2020 Find Your Limitless Challenge starts in January!! It’s chock full of motivational tools, trackers, hints, tips, tricks, support, and PRIZES!!

Join us! Order our amazing patented (money-back guaranteed results) SHAPE PAK (which includes 20 free Wild Watermelon Lime SkinnyStix until December 31st), click the link to our sign up page, and start getting rid of what you don’t want – FOR THE LAST TIME!

Details below and on my FB page at Terry Lynn Kempfert Limitless Worldwide – Can’t wait to cheer on your success – and mine!!

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If you could turn back time (get your sexy back)

before and after Limitless Worldwide, Llc

Terry before and after

Well, Cher’s song is more about love and regrets, but I have no regrets about taking charge of my health and looks 4 and a half years ago when I Found My Limitless!

My good friend Pam kept telling me about this new company called Limitless Worldwide that was in pre-launch and she was involved. After a bit of research, I decided to give their products a try.

The first product I started taking was Thrive-hgh, a human growth hormone antecedent. Thrive-hgh is taken on an empty stomach at bedtime (preferably). That first night, I experienced really deep sleep and vivid dreams – and I was hooked. Without any effort from me, I lost 20 lbs my first month on Thrive-hgh, and over the course of the next year, effortlessly dropped a total of 50 lbs, and more importantly, kept it off!

The most dramatic change, however, was to my skin. Limitless’s skin care category is called Ageless and has only 3 components. Gentle, ph-balanced CLEANSE, deep-wrinkle serum RENEW, and the powerful stem-cell compound SMOOTH. The results from this magnificent trio are a dramatic reduction of wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, increased moisture, even tone, and life.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Get your sexy back.



My First Miracle Morning!

keep-calm-theres-always-tomorrow-7Well, today I started a practice that I joined with a friend. She asked me to be her accountability partner – and I accepted. I got the book (The Miracle Morning), read most of it over the weekend and last night chatted with her and decided to get up an hour earlier this morning and get started!

I didn’t exactly jump out of bed when my alarm went off, but I did get up, brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face, and headed out to the porch to get started. It was chilly, so I put on my hooded sweatshirt, warm socks, and grabbed the fleece blanket I keep there for mornings like these – and settled in to start reading and following the plan.

That’s worked for a bit, but all tucked in like that, I started to get incredibly sleepy. I was determined to follow the protocol, but found myself – almost exactly an hour later – waking up from my nap! Oh well, I did the relaxation part well – and there’s always tomorrow!