It is that time of year again –

Could it be the last time? The last time to start a new year with a goal of losing weight?

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Code Word “Maintain”

Hey! It’s November! Let’s all start a diet for the holidays!
Nope. Not the right time of year – who wants to miss out on all the amazing treats, family favorites, holiday specialties, and drinks that just scream ‘last 2 months of the year’! Tomorrow is Halloween – let’s get started!  Then Thanksgiving, Holiday Parties, outings, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years – ALL THE FUN! And then January 1st rolls around and we all set resolutions that we will keep for exactly 3 weeks trying to lose the 10 lbs we gained in November and December. Right? So let’s do something different this year!  Let’s enjoy the holidays in moderation this year! Let’s MAINTAIN! And I have a plan to help you achieve that! Starting Monday, November 5th, my business partners and I are sponsoring a 90-day challenge to give each other support, tips, tricks, and helps to MAINTAIN and not turn over that new year with an extra 10 lbs to lose! Here’s how it works! You simply purchase our 1 – 2 – 3 Kit and the challenge is FREE! Kit includes Thrive-hgh Capsules and 40 SkinnyStix for $123. Stay on this pack (or another Find Your Limitless pack of your choice) and you could win $100 cash when the 90-day challenge ends! You are in a secret group where we motivate, encourage, support and offer habit-changing tips and tricks to help you enjoy your special events, while burning fat, building lean muscle, keeping your mood up and suppressing your appetite! Message me NOW and say “I’m in!”  I will send the first 10 people who sign up a special sample pack worth $35! Try some of our products and see what amazing results you have! Let’s do this!  MAINTAIN and enjoy the holidays too!   Want a chance to win a Variety Pack of SkinnyStix? Berry, Lime, and Tangerine – $69 value.  Click here!