Answer Your Phone!

I still get jitters when I see a call come in from the Limitless owner! I don’t feel worthy – but also feel honored to be in this position in a multi-million dollar network marketing company.
Sometimes folks are in the right place at the right time, and maybe I was, but I know the last 6 years have not been a walk in the park. That’s how it is with formulation. It takes time for the mojo to get just right where people have amazing results on the products, the method of delivery is perfected, the right leadership is in place, and things just seem to happen effortlessly!
So, he gave me a challenge for the new year. Marching orders actually – and when he says he believes in me and knows I can do this, how can I not? It’s scary – mostly because although I’m confident, I don’t want to let anyone down! So listen here, 2020 – I’ve got this! We haven’t said we have “2020 vision” for the past 6 years for nothing!
Our time is come, this company is locked and loaded, and if you want to make a difference – in your life, or that of others – come and do this with me. I am enrolling Team Leads in every state. Want to be first? #findyourlimitless #shinetribe #leadership #goingforit #top10

Why Limitless?

I love the George Foreman quote “Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just learn from the ones who have already done it well. You need a mentor, a seasoned coach who is willing to share his wisdom and experience with you. Ask someone who has already been successful to guide you.”

Steve and Melyn Campbell are the Founders of Limitless Worldwide. They are top income earners in our industry. (Seriously, there’s a top 100 list – check it out!) Not only are they in the top 25, but there are also 7 others on that list who they sponsored and trained. I am following in their footsteps to achieve my dreams and goals!

These two leaders have experience and expertise for real success. Limitless Worldwide is powered by products that absolutely work, in categories such as anti-aging, weight loss, and skin care. We are in a time when everyone wants to live their best, healthiest life and enjoy all this world has to offer – to “Be your best at every age!”

Scientifically backed, patented products that truly work, a compensation plan that rewards the newbies as well as paying the leaders top dollar! I believe I have a game-changer opportunity. If you look at me and think just maybe I’m someone you could follow, I invite you to look at what I do.  I’m following “The Campbell’s” to the TOP, and you could walk right alongside me! With our compensation plan, you can make grocery money, car money, or beach money – your choice! Come on, just take a look, we dare you!


It’s what I do…

minion me

I am an artist and an entrepreneur. It would be much easier if I was still an office manager or a marketing director. It’s so much easier to just go to work and let people pay you for your skills. But I did that. I was good at it. I got bored. I needed to work for myself.

I have 3 “profit centers” – I believe that I don’t need to make all of my income from one source. So I engrave and create art that I sell on ETSY and license through an agent.  My third  profit center is direct sales – network marketing – people call it different things.  Basically, I sell things – and make a commission – and make money when folks join my team and do likewise.

Is this an honorable profession? Google it and the pundits will say no – absolutely not! You can see every kind of rant and rage that is possible if you look up direct sales or network marketing.  It’s a scam. It’s illegal, You will never make any money doing it.

Seriously? I was a Heritage Maker’s consultant from 2006 – 2012 and made a lot of money. I went on a company-paid cruise every year and helped a lot of people preserve their photos and memories in beautiful storybooks, canvases, and posters. Really – a scam? I think I did a lot of people a lot of good.

Last year I signed up as a customer for Body by Vi – the “#1 weight loss and fitness challenge in North America!” Then I became a promoter – selling weight loss and fitness.  Scamming people out of their hard-earned dollars by selling them a “gimmick” – and dreams of a better life…  Seriously?

I am a salesperson. I sell health and fitness. For everyone who is 20, 30, 40, 100, or 200 lbs overweight, I sell a solution. Yes – we all know that to lose weight, you just need to watch your calories and eat sensibly and exercise – but how many of us do it? We know what is right, but the fast food calls our name because we are a busy society – and drive through meals are fast and easy, and actually – very tasty!

I lost 35 lbs. on my first challenge. I maintained through the holidays and the winter in MInnesota where it is a challenge to be active. I am working on my next 30 lbs. Am I doing it fast? – no. Am I doing it in a healthy way – yes? I feel better, I look better, and I am a success! I have a plan and every day I know that I will make a delicious shake for breakfast, eat a couple of healthy snacks (one is a cucumber sandwich that I am obsessed with every day), a sensible supper (whatever I am feeding Warren) and then another shake in the evening – replacing my 2+ glasses of wine and the snacks that are so easy to add on once you have had 2+ glasses of wine!

I am healthy. I exercise. I feel good. Body by Vi is a huge success for me as it is for a lot of my customers!

Warren is a good example. He has lost 50 lbs total (seriously – men lose so much easier than women, right??). He lowered his cholesterol by 25+ points, got off diabetes medication and has his blood pressure under control. No guarantees, but most of my customers see great improvements in their health – no magic – just eating better and losing weight.  Isn’t that what we all want to do?

So – I am an artist and an entrepreneur. I sell engraving and prints. I also help people eat healthier, lose weight, gain lean muscle, and I am a warrior against the obesity epidemic.  I am in direct sales – it’s what I do.