Sleep, beautiful sleep.

Where is your safe spot? Where you feel the most relaxed and comfortable? For many of us, it’s our bed! Besides being soft, warm, and comfortable, it’s the place where we lie down to do arguably the most important part of our existence. SLEEP!

Are you missing out?

Sleep is essential to every process in the body, affecting our physical and mental functioning the next day, our ability to fight disease and develop immunity, and our metabolism and chronic disease risk.

Getting good, quality sleep is important no matter your age. It is especially important for young children as their bodies and minds develop. In young children, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can be associated with difficult behaviors, lower capacity to learn and retain information, and a propensity for poor eating patterns and weight gain.

As we grow beyond childhood and begin entering the stress of adulthood, sleep and mental health go hand-in-hand. Good sleep is essential for maintaining our baseline mental health, as one night of sleep deprivation can dramatically affect mood the next day. Chronic exposure to poor sleep quality is associated with depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

recent article by CNN reveals some key findings on poor sleep and the habit of napping, some people may develop because of it.

“People who often nap have a greater chance of developing high blood pressure and having a stroke, a large new study has found.

This may be because, although taking a nap itself is not harmful, many people who take naps may do so because of poor sleep at night. Poor sleep at night is associated with poorer health, and naps are not enough to make up for that,” said clinical psychologist Michael Grandner in a statement.”

  • “Study participants who typically napped during the day were 12% more likely to develop high blood pressure over time and were 24% more likely to have a stroke compared with people who never napped.
  • If the person was younger than age 60, napping most days raised the risk of developing high blood pressure by 20% compared with people who never or rarely nap, according to the study published Monday in Hypertension, an American Heart Association journal.”

The AHA recently added sleep duration as one of its eight essential metrics to optimal heart and brain health.

There are plenty of things you can do to help improve your sleep. We’ve found creating a solid sleep hygiene routine is an excellent start- Good sleep hygiene is all about putting yourself in the best position to sleep well each and every night.

An excellent addition to your routine would be introducing LunaGen! Taken in the evenings to help you relax and prepare for sleep, LunaGen can also help you stave off evening food binges*.

If you need tips beyond LunaGen, check out The Sleep Foundation’s Guide to Sleep Hygiene here.

Sweet Dreams!

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Balance Your Mental State

From The Limitless Voice – February 10, 2022

~ Acecia Jones, Limitless

Some days are just… tough. Whether it’s physically or emotionally draining, how can we take better care of ourselves?

Health isn’t just about what we eat. It’s about what we are thinking and feeling, too.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health issues are one of the leading causes of ill-health today. One in four people are affected by mental or neurological disorders in their lifetime. While you may not have a so-called mental disorder, we all struggle with our “off days”. 

Balancing our mental state is important to our overall health and well-being. More and more people have started taking care of their mental state and are listening to what their bodies need. Many employers are becoming more understanding about allowing “mental health” days to recuperate. This is important because, in the last 20 years, research has shown that we have more control over our mental wellbeing than we realize.

While eating nutritious foods and exercise can prevent physical injury and illness, we can build our mental health too. When you start to develop a strong mental health, you become:

  • Less susceptible to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression
  • A more effective communicator, stronger leader, and team member
  • More likely to reach a personal, career, and/or physical health goal

Here are some tips to help improve Mental Wellbeing:

Write down your gratitudes

Do you ever feel like you’re rushing through life? Or you’re just waiting for the next “big thing” to happen? Well, this actually reduces our capacity to see the positives in life and begin to see the negative. Start a healthy habit by taking 5 minutes before you go to bed each night and write down 3 things you are grateful for from your day – and it doesn’t have to be anything big! It can be as small as being grateful for someone holding the door open for you, a phone call from a friend, or even just living!

Connect with others

Recent studies have shown that when you isolate yourself from others, it can hurt our wellbeing. A lack of social connection can disrupt sleep and increase stress. But, this doesn’t mean going on Facebook or Instagram and “liking” a whole bunch of posts… we’re talking about real interaction. Reach out to that “friend” on the phone or via video chat, have a real conversation rather than just liking a post. Whatever the case may be.. saying having a real conversation just warms the heart.


Did you know that incorporating stretching into your regular routine can help reduce stress? Well, now you know! Stretching 3-4 times a day can prevent energy slumps, support healthier digestion, and improve sleep patterns. 

Fuel Your Health

Fueling your health is fueling your mind. We’re not just talking about our Fuel FYL Pak (though it is a wonderful start). When you can incorporate a diet that includes complex carbohydrates (whole grains and vegetables), essential fats (nuts and seeds), and amino acids (eggs, turkey, bananas) you are optimizing your mental wellbeing. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health…

so remember to take care of both!

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