Top to Toe Softening – You aren’t going to believe this!

IMG_2619This is totally a public service announcement. You are going to thank me from the top of your head to the tip of your toes for the products I am going to recommend to you now!

Winter is cruel in Minnesota. And by winter, I mean October through April. We live here because we love the “seasons” – yeah right. Maybe a little equality on the calendar would be nice….  It’s W-I-N-T-E-R, then Spring! then SMR then Fall. Not AUTUMN – but Fall. But we live here – we are tough – and proud of it!

So in addition to my amazing Limitless Worldwide skin care system (in back), I have added three products this year – not quite sure how I found them all, but the are nothing short of amazing.  You are going to thank me – really, you are!

In the back on the left in the brown bottle with the red label, is MARRAKESH OIL. My amazing stylist Angela put this on my hair the last time I was in for a cut, and it is amazing! Since I have switched over to being a silver sister, I have had to deal with coarse hair with not much shine.  This magic serum makes my hair soft and smooth and shiny – I’m in love!

On the far left is a lotion I saw on an early morning talk show while I was at the gym. I always text myself things I want to remember to write down when I get home, and I just remembered the “rough” part. Well, it’s Curel Rough Skin Rescue. Since I have abused my skin by taking in all the sunlight I can during our short, short SMR, I have a lot of rough pigment spots – well they’re really not spots – more like blobs – on my skin. Everywhere. And it looks kind of dry and flaky.  This white lotion from the angels has smoothed my skin right down and made it feel like a baby’s bottom! A nice, clean, recently bathed baby’s bottom.  Nothing short of a miracle.

Product number 3 is one I have used for several W-I-N-T-E-R-S now. I buy it right at the pharmacy counter in good old Cash Wise grocery store in Hutchinson, Minnesota. It’s a well-kept secret. The bottles even are kind of dusty, because I am sure there are not more than 10 of us that know about this product and 12 come to a box.

My skin used to crack at the edges of my thumbs during our long, cold, dry season. No matter how much lotion or vaseline or coconut oil or whatever I put on, knitted mittens and cold weather just cracked my skin up. No more.  I go through one bottle a season. It’s $12.95 plus tax, so not like buying Suave, but this stuff totally works! (If you are not near Hutchinson, Minnesota, google it – it’s called “Gloves in a Bottle” – made by Gloves in a Bottle Inc. Seriously. But there is a web page – of course!)

That’s it! You are very welcome!

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