Rocking Socktober!


I’ve been challenged by my company to make a difference in a fun way!

My goal is to sell 1000 SKINNYSTIX from today until the end of the month – and for every 20 stix purchased, I will donate 1 pair of socks to a local shelter (I am donating mine to Common Cup and McLeod Alliance)



10, 13, 15, 22, 25, 40, 60, 100, 250, heck, you can buy the whole thousand to stock up !!!

Mix ‘n Match flavors – Lime, Tangerine, Berry, & even our seasonal favorite – unsweetened Apple Spice! Any combination! Any amount!


It’s time! Let’s go!!

excited-babyWe’ve enjoyed Christmas. Enjoyed having our families close by. We ate too much, spent too much, are too tired and too busy and hungry all the time because we have overindulged in carbs for the past 2 months. We are starting to think of New Year’s Resolutions, but know that that only lasts a couple weeks and we once again are too tired, too busy and hungry all the time.

Next year we will do the same thing. Make those resolutions and struggle to make true change in our life – all we want is to be healthy. To live a long happy life, and be healthy to the end.

Stop. Seriously. Stop the madness. No more quick fixes, flash in the pan programs that promise amazing results to make you look like a fitness expert or a bodybuilder. Maybe we just need to work on our Healthspan – but we need help!

It’s time to live Limitless. What does that mean? Life without limits? To me, it means not just losing weight, but keeping it off – forever. It means no more joint pain, no more swollen ankles. Becoming “lean” without really trying. Dropping 4 clothing sizes over a period of a year or so. Having healthy hair and nails, no more hot flashes, and just enjoying my life. Limitless Worldwide has products that have allowed me to do this and much more.

I invite you to take a look, try a sample, see if what we offer might be for you. I offer a 48-hour sample pak that I will ship to you free of charge – all I ask is that you do a follow up with me after the 48 hours and give me your honest feedback on the two products I send you. If you feel no different, or don’t enjoy the taste, or whatever doesn’t sit will with you, just tell me. I will respect that.  But maybe, just maybe, you will sleep a little sounder, have a little more energy, control your appetite or just be in a better mood.  If you don’t try, you won’t know.

You know how to find me – just call or text. I’d love to have you try my products. And maybe just help you have your Healthspan equal your Lifespan – like I am.

2016 – You, even better.


15 Day Bikini Body Challenge from Limitless Worldwide

bikini bodyToday I start my FIRST Limitless 15-day Bikini Body Challenge.  I say FIRST because –

#1 I need to lose 45 more lbs (I’ve already lost 45 this past year)
#2 I plan to do 3 rounds – with 15 days in between each 15-day round
#3 I never plan to wear a bikini, but want to be able to – #justsaying

I spent this past weekend getting to – and getting home from Salt Lake City for our 2nd Year company Anniversary Fly-In. It was a circuitous path.

I left my house in cold, cold Minnesota at 3 AM on Wednesday, February 18th – (OK – WHAT WAS I THINKING?). Had a great day meeting with a dear old HM friend, then got busy with Limitless. Camp Presidential was Thursday – we got a great sneak peek at all the new things coming (so exciting), then enjoyed fellowship, camaraderie, and tons of info – taxing my brain for the next two days. Getting home was another issue.

My flight from Salt Lake was delayed by 3 hours causing me to miss my connection in Phoenix. US Airways so generously put me up in a hotel with taxi and food vouchers, but scheduled my return for MONDAY! Part of me was tempted to just relax and put my feet up next to the pool and enjoy the Arizona sunshine, but I felt I needed to make SOME effort to get home, so I spent most of Sunday in the airport on standby. (AGAIN – WHAT WAS I THINKING)? We forget in life that we need to grab every bit of gusto we can. Next time I will make lemonade out of plane delay lemons!

Anyway – THE 15 DAY BIKINI BODY CHALLENGE!  Here’s the “skinny” – lol – like that??

The perfect diet for that special occasion… college graduation, a wedding, a job interview… any time you need to lose weight fast. Or, use it to “jump-start” any weight-loss program! Contains everything you need to lose weight, and lose weight fast.*

Here’s the plan:

  • 2 creamy, thick full meal-replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch (choose Triple Chocolate or Triple Vanilla)
  • 2 SkinnyStix to sip on for powerful appetite control, mood elevation, energy, fat-burning and stamina
    (you may choose to use our CHARGE capsules instead of SkinnyStix if you prefer)
  • 1 sensible meal of your choice – lean meat, lots of veggies, complex carbohydrates (YES – you CAN eat CARBS! – see next bullet – LOL)
  • 1 Glystrictin capsule – GlyStrictin helps normalize hormonal responses after you eat – especially carbs, and suppresses ghrelin (gray-lin) – the enzyme that makes you hungry and helps you feel satisfied. This reduces your food intake and helps you lose fat.

It’s the perfect formula for success!

Limitless 15-Day Bikini Body was developed in concert with the world’s largest diet study to date: 15-DAY BIKINI BODY – The perfect diet for that special occasion… college graduation, a wedding, a job interview… any time you need to lose weight fast. Or, use it to “jump-start” any weight-loss program! Contains everything you need to lose weight, and lose weight fast.* | Diogenes project, a Pan-European, randomized, controlled dietary intervention | Involved 932 obese and overweight subjects in eight European centers | In the “Crash Diet” weight-loss phase of this trial, subjects exhibited an average weight loss of ~ 1 pound per day. | Subjects who lost the most weight at week 1 (top quartile) during the “Crash Diet” period were also identified as achieving the maximum weight loss after 8 weeks. | Greater initial weight loss was associated with greater long-term outcome”

To our Success! Join me – for that Bikini Body you want – or just to meet your weight loss goals for 2015. Call me at 320.583.9100 for more info, or see my website at


Oh, remember to take a photo on day 1, record your measurements and again after 15 days. Submit to – you could be a $250 winner! (AND – enjoy your new Bikini Body)