Finding Your Happy Place

“Find your place. Be happy with what you have. Treat everyone well. Live a good life. It isn’t about material things; it’s about love.”
― Vicki Myron y Bret Witter

A happy place doesn’t have to be a place. It can be a feeling, a thought, a state of mind. Sometimes it can be a walk in nature, or time taken to play with our kids. The only requirement is that it nourishes us and fills us up.

But we have a place. A physical location where we are able to relax, regroup, and rewind. A place where we don’t care about time or what’s for supper, we just are. We swim when we want, explore when we want, read when we want, and engage or not engage with everyone else that happens to be there – depending on how we feel at the moment.

We take a nap. Sit in the sun. Slide on the snow. Play games, drink, laugh, and work. And it’s understood that this is our place – that was created for us – and is our refuge and our shelter. Our parents created it, and our family sustains it.

It was an old building, hand-built in the 1960’s. Decorated with dibs and dabs of housewares, sentiments, photos and fabric. It grew with us. The ever-evolving old rocking chairs and furniture being replaced and repurposed. It contained the babies, the splashing kids, and the sulky teenagers who thought it would be more fun to be somewhere else. But it never was. This place welcomed you in – it wrapped the tall timber branches around your shoulders and let you know that you had a right to be here.

It is a honeymoon suite. It is a retreat. It is a place to gather and a place to be alone. It just is. No matter when you make the journey, it is there to welcome you and keep you warm. Unlocking the door and smelling the fresh scent of the water and woods brings you right back to the memories and feelings of love and belonging.

And although the strong, repurposed beams and boards are no longer there, it remains the same. The feelings, the joy, the peace is there. We are all a little older. The next generation of young people and babies are filling it now, cooking the food, doing the work, and creating the memories, but it still remains – ours, mine, yours – for all time.

~ Thank you for keeping the dream alive. It defines us.

Cleaning Day!

When I was growing up, Saturday was cleaning day. We were rousted out of bed by my mom hollering up the stairs – “it’s Saturday, we have work to do.” She was relentless. We finally dragged ourselves downstairs, poured our Cheerios and milk in a bowl, and sat in front of the TV watching cartoons until it was “Cleaning Time”.

We each had our jobs. Mine was dusting. I had to move every single thing in the living room and dust all surfaces. I don’t remember what else I had to do, but I know I hated dusting. Mom made sure that every corner of that house was clean. Kitchen, bathroom (we only had one), bedrooms, all carpets vacuumed, everything wiped down, and all floors scrubbed on hands and knees.

In the meantime, she would have bread rising. By late afternoon the house was sparkling, and there were loaves of freshly baked bread, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, maple frosted rolls, and so many delicious things our house smelled heavenly!

My memories are bittersweet. Once I had my own family, I still cleaned on Saturdays. Now it doesn’t matter what day of the week – my schedule is not as clear-cut as my mom’s – and I have a service that comes in every two weeks to hit the floors, bathrooms, and vacuuming.

Even though our houses may be clean, today’s environment is full of nasty germs that get tracked in from everywhere! Kids coming home from school, dropping their germy backpacks, shoes, coats, and sports equipment. Perhaps you visited a friend in a hospital or nursing home – dangerous cooties live there – and love to hop a ride home on the bottom of our purses, our reusable water bottle, our shoes. How about pets? We love our furry little critters, but there are litter boxes, doggie footprints and organisms spread on our carpets, furniture, yes, and even table tops when my cat hops up there to get a better view!  Sometimes it’s best to not even think of it – but there is a way to DEFEND your home from unwanted germs and bacteria!

Introducing DEFEND-GS – exclusive to Limitless Worldwide. I have not been more excited about a product for a long time. It is non-toxic and chemical free. Defend-GS™ is devoid of chemicals yet capable of killing MRSA with a 99% efficiency. It does not smell, mark, or damage the surface, nor does it cause any discoloration. Surfaces and fabrics can be used immediately after treatment, AND, it is harmless to the environment and has no negative effects downstream.

Just think of the possibilities!

It’s a simple 2-step application – your entire home can be “defended” in 20 – 30 minutes. Ingredients: Distilled water, pure gold, pure silver – spray one on top of the other to form a permanent bond that mechanically kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria – effective for months!

Defend-GS™ bonds and fights bacteria at the atomic level yet is safe and harmless to the individuals who benefit from its use. It is non-toxic, chemical free, harmless to the environment and has no negative effects downstream.

Defend-GS™ is unique and the first product of its kind. It delivers maximum germ control effectiveness through a patented, proprietary manufacturing process not available anywhere else.