Happy Day and a gift for you! (Just because…)

Happy day after Easter! I am so, so, so excited today.  Why?

Today we are launching our new “2019 FIT LIFE Challenge” and I have a GIFT for you!

Chuck the chocolate and Peeps, and get ready for summer. We’re going to make it EASY for you! Our new challenge format adds our new challengers to our Master Group – where we give you tips, tricks, hacks, prizes, products and MORE to help you reach your goal of being your best at every age!

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, improve your health, or simply look and feel younger from the inside out with our anti-aging skin and body products, we have a pack for you!

I want to do something special for you. Since summer is finally on its way – and you need to stay hydrated and refreshed – I have a very special gift for you! If you purchase your “Find Your Limitless” pak any time in the next week (ends April 30), I am going to give you a FREE Variety Pak of SkinnyStix! (Seriously, 20 stix, regular retail $49 for FREE!)

SkinnyStix are a great add-on to our “Shape Your Body” pak! Check it out – 

It’s not another “hope & pray” dieting program. It’s a body and soul TRANSFORMATION program and it’s enhanced the lives of thousands of people who have found their Limitless!

Over the course of 90 days you’ll do much more than just “lose weight”…
You will be part of our exclusive challenge group – where we educate, support, and motivate each other.

Simply pick a pak, pick a pal – it’s more fun to do it together! I’ll send your FREE SkinnyStix to you both in the mail!

You will learn the importance of water, sleep, tracking, and never need a “special diet” again! We discovered that our AVERAGE participant drops 11.03 pounds and 6.3 inches, in just 30 days!

Here’s the best part…

All this happened without starving themselves… without eating boring or bland “rabbit” food… without torturing their bodies with grueling workouts… and all the other (work your buns off with no results) nonsense most programs put you through.

Sign up today – pick your pak, pick your pal – see amazing results!

Love ya 🙂

Terry Kempfert


We have 4 packs to choose from depending on your goals – contact me to see which one would work best for you!

Check out pricing and fact sheets here!

Fresh start for the New Year? Again?

Here we go again!! Seriously – every year it’s the same. Boom, Christmas is over and my mind starts making plans for the new year! Again.  But why not? It’s always wonderful to plan for a fresh start!


And that usually includes some sort of plan to get healthy, eat better, lose weight, workout more. So, to make this more fun and see better results, why don’t we do it together? It’s always good to have someone to share your goals and struggles with, right? I just know it makes me work a little harder!

So here’s my offer for 2018 – January Kick-Start with Limitless!  First of all, you need to be clear on your goals. Pick one. Lose weight. Work out. Be Healthy. Improve my personal appearance.

I am hosting a month-long Kick Start program that includes plans for ALL of these!  I’ve attached the offer below – in a nutshell, I’ll provide healthy meal plans, recipes, shopping lists – YOU set your goal and go for it!  Limitless Worldwide has packs to help you along the way.

It’s all detailed in this flyer – check it out. Call me anytime. There is no hard start or stop date, however, I am promoting a 3-day body reset starting January 2, then on the 5th will share the rest of the plans.

If you are a preferred customer of mine – no charge, if you aren’t – why not??  The only way I can show you how effective and amazing our products are is by you trying them. I even offer free samples. Just message me. Say “I’M IN!” – you’d get a pretty little package in the mail – samples, a fun gift and your monthly tracker.

My deal is if you purchase any pack – you get a $49 bag of SkinnyStix FREE – your choice of flavors. All detailed below. This is it. Happy New Year!

Find your Limitless!

If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Would you improve your financial situation? Your weight? Perhaps you’d just like to have the energy and stamina to keep up with your kids or even grandkids.
Imagine how you would feel once you’ve achieved this goal. Imagine challenging your own limitations every day, and the impossible suddenly appearing. Imagine being able to take your loved ones on vacation without concern over cost. Imagine making activities like hiking, biking, tennis, or even weight lifting a part of your daily life. So much so, that you’re participating in these activities for the sheer joy of it.
Imagine the sense of control you’ll regain
when you decide to take the first step.
Imagine the pure elation achieving your goal will bring.
We call this state of elation, Your Limitless.
No matter what your Limitless is, it’s achievable.
Limits start in the mind and end in the mind, all it takes is a decision to challenge yourself. Make the decision to start pushing your preconceived limitations, with a little help from us.
Yourself, without boundaries, restrictions, or limits.
Find YOUR Limitless.
Trouble sleeping, weight gain, sore joints, low libido, no energy, thinning hair, sagging skin? Finally, a FREE private FB group that helps you get your sexy back! We all want to meet you, so get in here!! Limitless Vibe Tribe!
Introducing the tools to help you achieve Your Limitless.


the-waywe-get-byLimitless is excited to partner with you to help you reach your goals in 2017! The I Am Limitle$$ challenge includes limited-time specials on weight loss products, an online DietBet game hosted by Limitless Worldwide, and ongoing coaching from our very own Fitness Ambassador Erica Shields!

ALL WEIGHT LOSS products are on BUY TWO – GET TWO free for the month of January!

Most folks that start their “New Year’s Diet” on January 1, quit by January 15. Make an intentional change in your life by choosing to become “You.. Even Better” with our patented, effective weight loss assistance products by Limitless.

Click here to download all the details – I AM LIMITLESS Challenge
and visit www.terrykempfert.com to purchase at half off!


Brand New Day to make You.. Even Better

New DayGOOD MORNING!! Here we go on our 21 Jump Start Adventure!

I will be posting THE PROGRAM, then I will also post MY PROGRAM. LOL – I’ve never been able to follow directions! But honestly, if you try to fit into a mold you are not comfortable in, it won’t work, and you will not see the results you want. So we are teaching you to modify to your needs.
21 JumpStart was created by Erica Shields, PHD – a fitness ambassador for Limitless Worldwide. She shares with us an OPTIONAL 3-day Detox diet and meal plans for 3 weeks – along with an amazing exercise video she created with former NFL player Antoine Sanders – giving us an easier version (watch Erica), and a more strenuous version (watch Antoine). I love this! It’s not important that we do the workouts perfectly, it’s important that we move every day.
Basically, our company’s tag line is “You… even better”. That means do things each day to improve your health, your lifestyle, and your happiness.  At the end of the day it’s all about loving yourself and being the best you can be.
Thank you for joining me – my Facebook group page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/limitlessnolimits/   Simply request to join and all the tools are there!  Nothing to buy, nothing to commit to – unless you want to! I will give you assignments daily, and we will be there to support and encourage each other.


Limitless You Even Better

You… Even Better.

Would you like get rid of fat forever – Effortlessly?

No one ever said this was going to be easy. I’m still working on my journey – my life-long journey. I started 2 and a half years ago taking Thrive-hGH and a few other supplements from Limitless Worldwide. I have eliminated over 50 lbs, and feel so much healthier and better, but I want to do more. I still want to work on lengthening my Healthspan, and on August 1st, I’m going to dedicate myself to our 21-day Jump Start. Sometimes we need to jolt ourselves out of our routines. I’ve taken to eating more carbs, sweets, and drinking more wine than I need to and it has stalled my weight loss. I know this, and I know what to do, but until I DECLARE my intentions, I just keep on doing what I am doing.

So I’m DECLARING! And I’m inviting you to come along with me.  It’s a solid, clean-eating and exercise plan. Nothing too dramatic, but effective.  I have a Facebook group called “No Limits Challenge Group” that you can join and I will share all the tools Limitless has first provided for us. Meal Plans, Fitness Coaches and videos, and of course the very best and effective products that make weight loss EFFORTLESS.

This explains it – all in these two forms. Message me to get started. Of course I want you to buy the fabulous products I sell, it’s my business, but even if you don’t, you can join my group and help yourself be You, even better!


Microsoft Word - 21 JUMPSTART Product Options.docx Microsoft Word - 21 JUMPSTART Product Options.docx