Set your goal! NEW 90-day Challenge starts next week!

It's Christmas in July and YOU get the present! Thrive-hgh (our human growth hormone antecedent is in each one of our Find Your Limitless Paks). Grab a friend and let's do this!!
It’s Christmas in July and YOU get the present! Thrive-hgh (our human growth hormone antecedent is in each one of our Find Your Limitless Paks). Grab a friend and let’s do this!!

We are more than 1/2 way through 2019 – have you met your goals yet? Tried Keto, THM, Noom with no success? I suggest you stop the madness!!! I have dozens of people just like me who have lost the weight & kept it off by living Limitless! Why use those crazy fad diets with pills & potions that DON’T WORK just to gain the weight back and start over again next year! Become your best YOU ever & live a Limitless Life! 

It’s not just about weight either. Better skin tone, build muscle, strong bones, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improved sex drive & have the best hair you’ve ever had! All of this along with many other great benefits!
Don’t take my word for it, educate yourself! Understand what the youth hormone (HGH) can do to turn back the hands of time! Not a synthetic, your body’s own production! Why “weight”??? Get started today! Your best you is in sight in 2019!

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Midsummer Celebration!

Customer KUDOS for June!

Because you’re the best!! And I appreciate your business! And folks want to get their spouse or friend on a pack with them (And I’m feeling generous!) And also want you to experience the SkinnyStix magic (great mood, energy, and appetite suppression!)

And… I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with and, but I love adding on ideas… and as long as it benefits you – my amazing customers – I thought you wouldn’t mind.

So… – two deals:

  1. Buy any pak (Shape, Rock, Fuel or Reveal) and get the 2nd pak for 1/2 price! (great for a friend or partner)
  2. SkinnyStix – $1 each! Any flavor. Any quantity.

No limit. Deals only available from me – they are not company deals. Shipping is extra – if you are local you can pick up here. Thank you. I do appreciate you – my customers are the best!

It’s what I do…

minion me

I am an artist and an entrepreneur. It would be much easier if I was still an office manager or a marketing director. It’s so much easier to just go to work and let people pay you for your skills. But I did that. I was good at it. I got bored. I needed to work for myself.

I have 3 “profit centers” – I believe that I don’t need to make all of my income from one source. So I engrave and create art that I sell on ETSY and license through an agent.  My third  profit center is direct sales – network marketing – people call it different things.  Basically, I sell things – and make a commission – and make money when folks join my team and do likewise.

Is this an honorable profession? Google it and the pundits will say no – absolutely not! You can see every kind of rant and rage that is possible if you look up direct sales or network marketing.  It’s a scam. It’s illegal, You will never make any money doing it.

Seriously? I was a Heritage Maker’s consultant from 2006 – 2012 and made a lot of money. I went on a company-paid cruise every year and helped a lot of people preserve their photos and memories in beautiful storybooks, canvases, and posters. Really – a scam? I think I did a lot of people a lot of good.

Last year I signed up as a customer for Body by Vi – the “#1 weight loss and fitness challenge in North America!” Then I became a promoter – selling weight loss and fitness.  Scamming people out of their hard-earned dollars by selling them a “gimmick” – and dreams of a better life…  Seriously?

I am a salesperson. I sell health and fitness. For everyone who is 20, 30, 40, 100, or 200 lbs overweight, I sell a solution. Yes – we all know that to lose weight, you just need to watch your calories and eat sensibly and exercise – but how many of us do it? We know what is right, but the fast food calls our name because we are a busy society – and drive through meals are fast and easy, and actually – very tasty!

I lost 35 lbs. on my first challenge. I maintained through the holidays and the winter in MInnesota where it is a challenge to be active. I am working on my next 30 lbs. Am I doing it fast? – no. Am I doing it in a healthy way – yes? I feel better, I look better, and I am a success! I have a plan and every day I know that I will make a delicious shake for breakfast, eat a couple of healthy snacks (one is a cucumber sandwich that I am obsessed with every day), a sensible supper (whatever I am feeding Warren) and then another shake in the evening – replacing my 2+ glasses of wine and the snacks that are so easy to add on once you have had 2+ glasses of wine!

I am healthy. I exercise. I feel good. Body by Vi is a huge success for me as it is for a lot of my customers!

Warren is a good example. He has lost 50 lbs total (seriously – men lose so much easier than women, right??). He lowered his cholesterol by 25+ points, got off diabetes medication and has his blood pressure under control. No guarantees, but most of my customers see great improvements in their health – no magic – just eating better and losing weight.  Isn’t that what we all want to do?

So – I am an artist and an entrepreneur. I sell engraving and prints. I also help people eat healthier, lose weight, gain lean muscle, and I am a warrior against the obesity epidemic.  I am in direct sales – it’s what I do.