Finding Your Happy Place

“Find your place. Be happy with what you have. Treat everyone well. Live a good life. It isn’t about material things; it’s about love.”
― Vicki Myron y Bret Witter

A happy place doesn’t have to be a place. It can be a feeling, a thought, a state of mind. Sometimes it can be a walk in nature, or time taken to play with our kids. The only requirement is that it nourishes us and fills us up.

But we have a place. A physical location where we are able to relax, regroup, and rewind. A place where we don’t care about time or what’s for supper, we just are. We swim when we want, explore when we want, read when we want, and engage or not engage with everyone else that happens to be there – depending on how we feel at the moment.

We take a nap. Sit in the sun. Slide on the snow. Play games, drink, laugh, and work. And it’s understood that this is our place – that was created for us – and is our refuge and our shelter. Our parents created it, and our family sustains it.

It was an old building, hand-built in the 1960’s. Decorated with dibs and dabs of housewares, sentiments, photos and fabric. It grew with us. The ever-evolving old rocking chairs and furniture being replaced and repurposed. It contained the babies, the splashing kids, and the sulky teenagers who thought it would be more fun to be somewhere else. But it never was. This place welcomed you in – it wrapped the tall timber branches around your shoulders and let you know that you had a right to be here.

It is a honeymoon suite. It is a retreat. It is a place to gather and a place to be alone. It just is. No matter when you make the journey, it is there to welcome you and keep you warm. Unlocking the door and smelling the fresh scent of the water and woods brings you right back to the memories and feelings of love and belonging.

And although the strong, repurposed beams and boards are no longer there, it remains the same. The feelings, the joy, the peace is there. We are all a little older. The next generation of young people and babies are filling it now, cooking the food, doing the work, and creating the memories, but it still remains – ours, mine, yours – for all time.

~ Thank you for keeping the dream alive. It defines us.


Sometimes we need a little help…

25ITSNOTADIET-300x300We have all tried diets – every stinkin’ one of them.  Remember some of these goodies?  Grapefruit and eggs? Cabbage Soup Diet? No carbs? Smart carbs? Drinking man’s diet? Liquid Protein? Beverly Hills? Caveman? Scarsdale? Blood Type?

How about taking Fen-Phen? I did that. I didn’t have the scary heart troubles some did, and it did work – but as usual, I gained it all back. Even gastric bypass.  Ouch.

Maybe we just need to eat in moderation? You think? I was never good at this until I found Limitless Worldwide! We have solutions customized for you! I am going to share one of these amazing products daily. You can go to my website for all the stats, but I will put it in layman’s terms. We know our products flat work – so you just choose the one that fits your lifestyle best. Our supplements help you make that permanent lifestyle change by helping with appetite, energy, and mood enhancement.

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Today I am featuring our newest and brightest star – just in time for Thanksgiving – Glystrictin

GlyStrictin helps normalize hormonal responses after you eat – especially carbs, and suppresses ghrelin (gray-lin) – the enzyme that makes you hungry and helps you feel satisfied. This reduces your food intake and helps you lose fat.

This is how I explain this miracle supplement. I started taking it at the end of September and have lost an additional 6 lbs (I have lost 35 since I began with Limitless) and I attribute it all to Glystrictin. I take it right before every meal – 3 times a day faithfully.  It really works. I am not hungry and am satisfied much sooner so I stop eating and actually leave food on my plate!

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Let’s be Happy and Healthy for the Holidays!myglystrictintestimony