Team Shine New Year’s Challenge 2019

Good morning!  I am so, so, so excited today.  Why?

TEAM SHINE is holding a SPECIAL “New Years, New You 90 Day Challenge”!

We are starting the week of January 7th! Get through the holidays and set your goals – PLAN for success! Starting the 2nd week makes it easier for people’s schedules, allows a better dynamic in the group, and many other benefits.

Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, improve your health, or simply look and feel younger from the inside out with our anti-aging skin and body products, we have a pack for you!

I wanted to do something special. Since it’s the New Year and I know SO many of you are going to join us for our biggest challenge of the year, we’re coordinating a start date of January 7th! If you purchase your “Find Your Limitless” pack by that day, I am going to give you a FREE Bottle of Glystrictin! (Seriously, carb blocker that works with no side effects!)

Click here to watch a short video to see what it is – GLYSTRICTIN!

By taking this simple supplement, you can reduce the effects of carbs on your body! Who doesn’t want that? Our Scientific studies show that by taking one capsule with each meal, the average person will lose 6-8 lbs in 45 days using that alone!

It’s not another “hope & pray” dieting program. It’s a body and soul TRANSFORMATION program and it’s enhanced the lives of thousands of people who have found their Limitless!

Over the course of 90 days you’ll do much more than just “lose weight”…
You will be invited to join our exclusive challenge group – where we educate, support, and motivate each other.

INVITE A FRIEND – and go here to sign up! It’s more fun with a pal!

You will learn the importance of water, sleep, tracking, and never need a “special diet” again! We discovered that our AVERAGE participant drops 11.03 pounds and 6.3 inches, in just 30 days!

Here’s the best part…

All this happened without starving themselves… without eating boring or bland “rabbit” food… without torturing their bodies with grueling workouts… and all the other (work your buns off with no results) nonsense most programs put you through.

Go here to sign up for the New Year 30 Day New You Challenge now.

Love ya 🙂

Terry Kempfert

We have 4 packs to choose from depending on your goals – contact me to see which one would work best for you!

Check out pricing and fact sheets here!

What are you doing for the next 3 months?

If there was one thing you could change about your health or fitness, would it be:

  • weight loss?
  • fitness?
  • general health?
  • skin and beauty?

Limitless can help you BE YOUR BEST AT EVERY AGE! Join us for our 4th- 90-day challenge starting October 1st!

Here’s how it works! The Team Shine 90-day Fuel Your Health Challenge is a complete, healthy lifestyle program that will provide you with all of the products and support that you need to get on the right track to a healthier you. Research shows it can take a minimum of 21 days for a person to adjust to new behaviors, allowing you to create healthy habits.

We recommend starting on our Fuel Your Health pack. This pack (and all of our packs) includes THRIVE-HGH as its main component. THRIVE-HGH is clinically validated to increase the body’s natural production of serum growth hormone levels by 8 fold.
FORCE is the second component. FORCE improves muscle cell oxygenation to help increase time to exhaustion, improve energy levels, and promote improved muscle recovery.
STRIDE helps support joint health, mobility, comfort, and flexiblity.

Our challenge runs for 90 days. It’s so important to give your body time to re-regulate your hormones, fuel your muscles and joints, and see results! This is why we reward folks for committing to a 90-day challenge. You may choose the goal you want to work towards, and once your body is fueled, you can switch to one of our other packs – Shape Your Body (weight loss), Rock Your Workout (fitness) or Reveal Your Confidence (Skin and inner beauty).

What would a Challenge be without prizes??  We reward you with free samples, drawings, and awards throughout the challenge – and our grand prize is $200 CASH – for one lucky person who stays with the challenge all 3 months!  Could it be YOU?

FREE $49 BONUS!  Pick a pack (for you) and Pick a pal (to do this with) – and we’ll send you a FREE bag of SkinnyStix to help with your challenge!  Message me today – Challenge starts next week!


Take a big breath!

This is my son, Nic. He is a cancer survivor. His story alone is magnificent, but he continues to amaze me every day.

He lives with the side-effects of having a Stem Cell Transplant that cured his rare leukemia. Although his brother was a 100% match, and they now have the same blood DNA, his body still knows there’s something foreign in there and it sometimes rebels.

It’s minor compared to what he’s been through, but it does cause side effects. He often has to get back on steroids and this wreaks havoc with his Type 1 diabetes and causes weight gain and just general malaise. He also only has one lung, so with the added weight, his body is further stressed by not being able to exercise and dealing with fatigue.

That’s all the crappy stuff – now for the good stuff! He lives a new story! He is a professional that works at a major food company, he has an amazing network of friends, is very sociable and believes his glass is definitely 3/4 full!

He has taken charge of his health by using the Fuel Your Body Pak by Limitless Worldwide! FORCE is the product that has drastically changed his quality of life! This stimulant-free, jitter-free, scientific breakthrough product was specifically developed to improve cellular oxygen! This gives him the stamina, the energy, and the breath to take the stairs, walk his dog, and all the other important ways he gets his body moving!

STRIDE is important to Nic for joint support that reduces inflammation, and of course, THRIVE-HGH  helps his own body increase it’s hgh levels to combat a lot of the effects his treatments have had on him.

Stay tuned to hear more about Nic. He has lost over 45 lbs since December of this year and sees improvements in his joints, breathing, movement and so much more. He has truly found his Limitless!


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Trend Your Limitless

Not a gym person? That’s ok. As long as you can spare 10 minutes, you’re on your way to living longer!
Dr. Bill Kraus of Duke University School of Medicine and his team discussed that every little movement counts. New studies have found that movement in even shorter stretches can lead to a healthier life. If you’re up and moving, you are less likely to die over the next 6-7 years than those who are sitting on the couch!
“The point is getting enough movement in the day. You can do it in long bouts of lower intensity or shorter bouts in higher intensity,” shared Dr. Kraus. Most guidelines recommend that people get 2.5 hours of exercise per week. You can break the 2.5 hours into 10-minute segments… that way, you’re achieving the recommended hours at your pace!
Have you seen those “helpful” signs near elevators that suggest you take the stairs instead? Or have you thought about parking further at the grocery store parking lot to get extra steps in? Little decisions like that can help towards those 10-minute segments!
It’s never too late to start and we have Limitless products to help support this new movement – you just have to pick a pak and move!
Shape Your Body
Charge + LunaGen
Meet your goals with products that help boost your natural hGH levels, control your cravings, and fight nighttime binge eating. What do you have to lose… besides the fat?
Rock Your Workout
Force + Electrify
Want peak performance and the power to push yourself to the very top during each and every workout? Try this pak… we dare you.
Fuel Your Health
Force + Stride
Stop treating your body like an old hand-me-down car. This winning combination has just what you need to improve your overall health and have you feeling like the sports car you really are!

Food Addictions are real.

I have followed Abel James for several years now. He is the creator of The Wild Diet – sells an amazing weight-loss book, plan, cookbooks, and even does a podcast and blog to share this information.

If people like popping things into categories, I guess you would say this is Paleo. But with a much more interesting flavor!! Abel believes in eating top-notch ingredients and using fabulous recipes that taste amazing and satisfy!  Take a look at this blog to read more about The Wild Diet.

He’s successful enough (and his plan works) that you can find recipes, meal plans, tips, tricks, and plans anywhere on the interwebs. Pinterest has pics of his delicious recipes – and it’s all free!  I snag his stuff wherever I can, although I have invested in his book and his Fat Burning Tribe group – it’s worth it!

So today – let’s talk about Food Addictions. I think I must be a very addictive-type personality. I often eat the same lunch for months at a time – when it’s something I really love, then I will switch it up, and eat THAT for 3 months.  I don’t know why – I just find I like things and want them daily. Until I want something else.

It’s all good unless it’s Junk Food – carbs, sweets, unhealthy stuff that does my body no good.  Here are Abel’s tips for stopping those addictions and food cravings!  Good to know this time of year –

Here’s his latest post on the topic!


So you may know that I studied brain sciences during my college days (…yep, I’m a nerd). I’m always trying to “hack” my brain and body to improve performance, burn fat, and reduce cravings.

But did you know that some “bad” foods can be more addictive than cocaine?

In fact, recent research suggests that food addictions engage similar brain pathways as drugs and alcohol.

I doubt Cheetos are more addictive than crack. But clearly, unhealthy foods have a real and sinister effect on the way our brains work.

In a viscous cycle, junk food addicts may actually be eating too much junk as a self-medication to balance levels of the chemicals that are disrupted by… eating too much junk food. Thanks Monsanto!

Most traditional diets fail because they are based on calorie-restriction and don’t address the mechanism of addiction that leads people to overeat in the first place.

Fortunately, there are alternative systems available for a healthy lifestyle that can be realistically maintained long-term. Here are some tips to get you on the right track…

How to Hack Your Brain to Free Yourself from Junk Food Addiction

  • Naturally boost dopamine levels. Being active and social increases levels of dopamine, as do new and pleasurable experiences such as hitting the local watering hole, whipping up a new recipe, or jamming to music.

  • Naturally boost serotonin levels. Altruistic activities such as helping others, giving compliments, and playing with pets up your serotonin considerably.

  • Baby steps. If you can’t go cold turkey, swap one junk food for a healthy food at a time. It’s really not that difficult – just stop buying Oreos and buy an apple instead. You crave what is around you.

  • Expose yourself to healthy foods. (And by “expose yourself,” I’m talking about eating foods, not flashing them.) Pro tip – it takes at least 10 exposures to a healthy food before you begin to crave it in the same way that you craved junk foods. That’s why I crave kale while many crave Krispy Kreme.

  • Eliminate mindless eating. Don’t eat in front of the TV, reading, driving, or anything else. Not only will you overeat because your brain is distracted, you will also begin to associate activities with foods (such as soda with driving, candy with talking on the phone, or popcorn with TV) which increases cravings.

  • Indulge occasionally – guilt-free. We all want to be perfect, but we’re all human. As long as you are making good choices the vast majority of the time, give yourself permission to indulge in foods you truly love on occasion.

Hey, it’s cheat day. I think I’ll go upregulate my dopamine and serotonin with some cheesecake…


P.S. – If you like “brainy” stuff like this, you’ll definitely like The Wild Diet 30 Day Fat Loss System. You’ll learn exactly how to burn fat, build muscle, and have fun in the process.”


Thanks, Abel.

Tomorrow is the Day!

tomorrow-is-the-dayGetting back on track! 21 Jump Start Deux!  Join me!

I’m weighing in the morning, and following my “Wild Diet” plan.  It’s simple – lean protein, tons of veggies, one or two fruits/day.  No wine. 😦 No soda. (not missing that). Whole foods – nothing processed.  Basically eat like folks did before all the FAST FOODS came out in the 50’s. Butter, cream, chocolate – all okay. Anything artificial – NOT OKAY. Avoid sugar, flour, most “white” foods. Light on whole grains. I lost 13 lbs. on my last 21-day jumpstart. Going for 12 this time!!

Please say “I”M IN” if you will join me on this challenge – it’s how we can be “You… even better”!!

Here’s my FACEBOOK group page – join in!

I found my home.

limitlessI believe I have found the perfect home. This business has all the things companies I have been involved with before were lacking. Integrity, incredible products, experienced leadership, and compensation 3x most Network Marking companies offer – guaranteed.

I have seen our products change lives, I know it has changed mine. I am healthier, look better, and am in better shape than I ever have been. My weight loss journey has become Effortless.

I am committed as an ambassador for the LImitless Lifestyle! I work from home (or wherever else I happen to be), build relationships with people and help them achieve their goals (and dreams).

My team is growing like wildfire, and I am looking for my next 5 distributors – I like to sponsor a group and create a little learning community for training.

If you would like to make $500/month or $5000/month – or more doing what I do please message me. I’m not asking you to sign until you take a look at what we have – I believe you will see we do have a better way.

I will comp the next 5 people that join my team with a free product they want to try – There are several options for joining – depending on what kind of business you want to build – toe in the water, or dream income.

Message me now. I’m getting my next team on board.




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