Take a big breath!

This is my son, Nic. He is a cancer survivor. His story alone is magnificent, but he continues to amaze me every day.

He lives with the side-effects of having a Stem Cell Transplant that cured his rare leukemia. Although his brother was a 100% match, and they now have the same blood DNA, his body still knows there’s something foreign in there and it sometimes rebels.

It’s minor compared to what he’s been through, but it does cause side effects. He often has to get back on steroids and this wreaks havoc with his Type 1 diabetes and causes weight gain and just general malaise. He also only has one lung, so with the added weight, his body is further stressed by not being able to exercise and dealing with fatigue.

That’s all the crappy stuff – now for the good stuff! He lives a new story! He is a professional that works at a major food company, he has an amazing network of friends, is very sociable and believes his glass is definitely 3/4 full!

He has taken charge of his health by using the Fuel Your Body Pak by Limitless Worldwide! FORCE is the product that has drastically changed his quality of life! This stimulant-free, jitter-free, scientific breakthrough product was specifically developed to improve cellular oxygen! This gives him the stamina, the energy, and the breath to take the stairs, walk his dog, and all the other important ways he gets his body moving!

STRIDE is important to Nic for joint support that reduces inflammation, and of course, THRIVE-HGH  helps his own body increase it’s hgh levels to combat a lot of the effects his treatments have had on him.

Stay tuned to hear more about Nic. He has lost over 45 lbs since December of this year and sees improvements in his joints, breathing, movement and so much more. He has truly found his Limitless!


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Nic’s “Normal” – a story of a regular guy…

Nic’s “Normal”

Nic has health care through his employer thankfully; however, like many Minnesotans, every year he has to reevaluate to see what plan will help him most. He has frequent doctor visits – once a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) patient, always a BMT patient.  He knows how critical having the best possible plan is for his budget.

This year his HSA changed, and although he is able to use this fund, his deductible is higher which was an unexpected additional burden. He recently had to go back on his immunosuppressant drugs – he has Graft versus Host disease and was experiencing a flare-up. $650 out of pocket just to get back on these meds. GVH flares are common after a Stem Cell Transplant, and he experiences things such as respiratory problems (he only has one lung and it is compromised) and issues with his eyesight, dry eyes and light sensitivity, among other things. Once back on these steroids, he struggles with weight gain, which in turn affects his diabetes.  The cycle of complications is ever compounding.

Nic is an amazing friend and volunteer. He serves on several steering committees at General Mills where he works, and donates his time during tax season do free Tax Preparation for low-income people.  Despite his own needs, he focuses on what he can do for others in need and seeks opportunities to pay it forward.  Too humble to ask for assistance, we as friends decided to ask on his behalf for assistance in purchasing a new bed that will better accommodate his health needs .

In the scheme of things, we are still so very grateful he is 7 years cancer-free! He is able to live a good life, go to work every day, and enjoy his family and friends. Finances are always an issue, but he deals well with it well and does what he can to make the very most of each day.  Join us in helping him have a restful, restorative night’s sleep, so he can achieve optimum health despite his circumstances.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!