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Tips for a stronger approach

~Acecia Jones
Building your business relies on both your personal efforts and the efforts of others. In order to be successful, it takes a good team to make it happen! A great leader will never stop meeting new people. Each person they come in contact with will automatically be a potential prospect. But how do you teach your down-line the same concept? Network marketing is exactly that… WORK. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and requires the fine tuning of your skills. As you and your team continue to bring in new people, let’s make sure everyone has the tools they need. Here are some helpful tips for newbies or those who just need a refresher in the initial approach: 

1. Invite with Enthusiasm
Inviting people to take a look at the products and business opportunity grows your business! The goal isn’t “selling” someone on Limitless, but rather finding those that are looking. Create a sense of urgency, be enthusiastic, and give a sincere compliment! Here’s a great example: “Julie, I just found this amazing new product, Thrive-hGH. It’s helped me look and feel years younger! Since you always look great, I just knew I had to share this with you!” Also, make a list of people you’d like to work with. Your friends, family, co-workers, and phone contacts, are all a great place to start.  
2. Make It Easy
When it comes to options, it can be overwhelming if there are too many to choose from. When discussing products, don’t just rattle off a list of them. Instead, take your time getting to know your prospect. Often times while building the relationship, little hints get dropped. Remember: knowledge talks and wisdom listens! The Shape Your Body pak could be the perfect “starter pak”, SkinnyStix could be the perfect sample, or perhaps they are unhappy with their skin care regimen. Whatever the case may be, talking about 2 or 3 products is easier to mentally digest than 20+ products! 
3. The Value of Results 
We’re not just talking about the science-based results of our amazing products, but the results on the business side as well. Don’t forget to mention all of what Limitless has to offer. Not only can you make extra income just working part-time, but making this a full-time career? The world is your oyster. 
4. Qualifying Your Prospects
Have you ever tried to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do? You try time and time again to persuade them, but they get defensive? Let’s not do that. Remember, this should be considered a sorting process, not a selling process- you’re simply looking for the people ready to make a change.  If within the course of a conversation someone is giving you every excuse as to why they wouldn’t be a good fit. LISTEN TO THEM! You should really qualify your prospects, rather than just trying to force an enrollment with everyone you meet. Someone could be a terrible Distributor but the most loyal customer and product advocate you have.  
5. Any Attention Is Good Attention
People will always have something to say, whether it’s good or bad. Embrace it! Even when people leave negative comments on your social media or send “hate mail”, this could be your time to turn it around. Educate them, correct them in a friendly tone, or find ways to alter their comments into positive information! 
6. Be The Resource
Your down-line should be able to come to you first when they have questions. Being a good leader means knowing the answers so you’re available to help your team members. There may be times you won’t know the answer to everything, but even directing them to find the answer can help tremendously! Get familiar with virtual office and utilize the fact sheets! Know where you can find informational videos and always check your e-mails!  There’s always room for growth and these steps will definitely support that. As you continue to learn what works and what doesn’t, don’t lose your spirit! Keep on being the best you can be – physically, mentally, and financially! 

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