Tomorrow is the Day!

tomorrow-is-the-dayGetting back on track! 21 Jump Start Deux!  Join me!

I’m weighing in the morning, and following my “Wild Diet” plan.  It’s simple – lean protein, tons of veggies, one or two fruits/day.  No wine. 😦 No soda. (not missing that). Whole foods – nothing processed.  Basically eat like folks did before all the FAST FOODS came out in the 50’s. Butter, cream, chocolate – all okay. Anything artificial – NOT OKAY. Avoid sugar, flour, most “white” foods. Light on whole grains. I lost 13 lbs. on my last 21-day jumpstart. Going for 12 this time!!

Please say “I”M IN” if you will join me on this challenge – it’s how we can be “You… even better”!!

Here’s my FACEBOOK group page – join in!

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