It’s time to sell!

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Terry Kempfert Creative

Time to Sell - ClockI have always been a proponent of the concept of Multiple Profit Centers. It has served me well as I developed and evolved businesses throughout my career. Even when I had a J.O.B. – I always fulfilled my creative needs with a business on the side.

I am proud that my “sideline” ventures have always provided me with a successful income and opportunity to work from home – or wherever I want to be! It’s fun to be able to sit at the lake and manage my ETSY shop, or take my engraving equipment “on the road” to department stores, wineries, or trade shows.

But all good things must come to an end, right? LOL – my newest venture as a distributor for Limitless Worldwide, LLC. is my focus now. I am in a position to help launch a brand-new direct marketing company and we know what happens to folks…

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